Recent findings on how interruptions affect working memory

Written by Bianca Zickerick

Phone calls, messages, or emails: At work, we are interrupted and distracted several times a day. This is especially challenging when working from home due to Covid-19. In a recent study, we focused on how such interferences affect the performance of working memory. We could show that it is particularly difficult to get back to the primary task after an interruption. This was not the case with non-relevant distractions.

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Virtual Working Memory Symposium

Written by Laura-Isabelle Klatt

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring forth alternative formats for researchers across the globe to connect. Based on the observation that early career researchers, who are even more dependent on conferences and in-person meetings for networking opportunities, Edward Ester (Florida Atlantic University) and Jarrod Lewis-Peacock (University of Texas at Austin) set out to organize a virtual working memory symposium as a venue for trainees to present their work.

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