Speaker line-up for virtual colloquium series

Since launching our virtual colloquium series in January, we have had exciting guests, including Lewis Chuang, Rosanne Rademaker, Viola Störmer, Simon Hanslmayr and Alon Zivony. Their talks are now available on our youtube channel.

We are happy to now announce the line-up of speakers for the upcoming months!

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Colloquium series Neurocognition & Work goes online!

As the pandemic continues to affect many aspects of both working and private life, we are seeking new possibilities to still allow for scientific discourse. Thus, we are happy to announce that we are moving our department’s colloquium series online. Following the overarching theme “Neurocognition & Work” and given the diverse interests of our team members, we will feature researchers from various backgrounds, covering both basic as well as applied research. To just drop a few keywords, if selective attention, (working) memory, human-machine interaction, cognitive ergonomics or mobile EEG sound interesting to you, we’ll sure have some exciting guests for you!

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Virtual Working Memory Symposium

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring forth alternative formats for researchers across the globe to connect. Based on the observation that early career researchers, who are even more dependent on conferences and in-person meetings for networking opportunities, Edward Ester (Florida Atlantic University) and Jarrod Lewis-Peacock (University of Texas at Austin) set out to organize a virtual working memory symposium as a venue for trainees to present their work.

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