About ErgoBlog

In times of Covid-19 we recognized, how important the exchange of digital information becomes when travelling is no more possible. This blog will present recent projects and activities of the department of ergonomics at IfADo – Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors on a regular basis.

The central aim of the department of ergonomics is the evaluation of recent work places and working environments. The well-being of the worker as well as his/her efficiency play an equal role. However, considering the steadily increasing amount of information processing in modern work, not the physiological but cognitive aspects and their neuronal embedding are in the focus of the research in the department (cognitive neuro-ergonomics). 

The spectrum of ergonomic research at IfADo extends from the psychological and neuroscientific investigation of human information processing to the design of age-appropriate jobs.

Our research is subdivided into three major research topics (information processing, human factors and work design), each of which deals with various projects in an interdisciplinary manner. Additionally, the networking group “Aging” and the trans-sectoral future laboratory integrate approaches across the department.

More information at www.ifado.de/ergonomics