Colloquium series Neurocognition & Work goes online!

As the pandemic continues to affect many aspects of both working and private life, we are seeking new possibilities to still allow for scientific discourse. Thus, we are happy to announce that we are moving our department’s colloquium series online. Following the overarching theme “Neurocognition & Work” and given the diverse interests of our team members, we will feature researchers from various backgrounds, covering both basic as well as applied research. To just drop a few keywords, if selective attention, (working) memory, human-machine interaction, cognitive ergonomics or mobile EEG sound interesting to you, we’ll sure have some exciting guests for you!

First talk on January 26th by Dr. Lewis Chuang

The colloquia will be scheduled for Tuesdays, 4 pm (CET), including a 45-minute talk and discussion / Q&A period of 15-30 minutes. To kick off the colloquium series on January 26th 2021, we have invited Dr. Lewis Chuang to give a talk on “Understanding Human-Machine Partnerships with Neuroergonomics”. Lewis just recently joined the Department of Ergonomics and we are excited to learn more about his work! To register, please send an email to

Virtual format comes with advantages and disadvantages

Moving the colloquium series online and opening it up to a wider audience outside the institute certainly has a number of advantages: For example, it allows us to more easily accommodate researchers from different time zones. In addition, the ability to easily record the talk and provide it for on-demand viewing further maximizes accessibility and reach. Finally, it enables us to host researchers who would have otherwise turned down an invitation for travel reasons.

Of course, the virtual format also has its downsides. Talking to a screen is certainly not the same as talking to an engaged audience at an in-person event and the fun social part as well as the fruitful discussions that usually also arise during the casual talk after the official event are lacking these days.

Nonetheless, we are lucky to have the possibility to stay connected despite these challenging times and are looking forward to seeing you all at the next virtual event!

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