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New DFG project: Audio-visual perception in virtual and real 3D environments

Virtual realities (VR) open up completely new possibilities for psychological experiments compared to classical laboratory environments. However, it must be ensured that virtual environments represent reality as validly as possible. This will be investigated in a new research project at IfADo within the DFG priority program „Audictive“:  The focus is on spatial perception and attention in three-dimensional space.

Younger and older participants will interact with simulated robots in a practical working environment under different conditions. The VR environment will be created by means of VR glasses and an auditory virtual environment.

For the validation of the VR environment, electrophysiological methods are used and the findings in the real and virtual scenario will be compared. A special focus lies on the acoustic distance estimation in virtual environments, which has been little investigated so far.

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The project is located at the interface of acoustics, VR technology, machine learning and cognitive psychology and is carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Communication Acoustics of the Ruhr-University Bochum. There is a post-doc position to be filled in this attractive project. Details of the call for applications can be found here: https://www.ifado.de/karriere/aktuelle-stellen/

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Stephan Getzmann

Stephan Getzmann is head of the IfADo networking group "Aging" since 2015. He studied psychology and electrical engineering, received his doctorate as Dr. phil. at the Ruhr-University Bochum in 2004 and habilitated at the TU Dortmund in 2010. His main research interests are the neurophysiology of cognitive aging, interactions of endogenous and lifestyle factors on healthy aging as well as interventions preserving and improving well-being and working ability in higher age. His special interest is the perception of language and speech comprehension.

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