CNS Virtual Meeting 2020

How to combine the urge to connect with other researchers and the need to stay at home? The Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS) addressed this issue by offering a virtual annual meeting from May 2 – 5, 2020.

Talks, symposia, and poster presentations were held on a virtual platform including live chat to interact with other attendees. Laura-Isabelle Klatt (post-doctoral researcher) and Bianca Zickerick (PhD student) from the Ergonomics department participated in the meeting and presented their current work in a poster format. If you’re interested in attentional processes in the auditory domain (Laura-Isabelle Klatt) or in the context of task interruptions (Bianca Zickerick), you can find their posters on Researchgate or Twitter.

Laura’s poster:

Bianca’s poster:

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Bianca Zickerick

Bianca Zickerick is a PhD student in the ergonomics department at IfADo. She graduated in Psychology and Philosophy and finished her master's degree in Ageing Societies. Both interests are now combined in her research at IfADo where she investigates the influence of interruptions on working memory performance and the interaction with age.

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